If we listen into our Selves we hear the angels speak, who silently ask us to do things or to take paths. These angelpaintings are one of their invitations. They are made for those who remember - for all, who are aware of outlines through the Veil and who carry universes inside themselves.

I wish everyone with "his" angelpainting, that he/she listens to the silent voice... and that we have the courage together, to manifest the songs we hear.

There is no other year that has been so well announced as it happened with the year 2012 after Christ. What shall we wish upon? Success? All the best? Regarding the universal size of the meaning of 2012 it simply seems too profane and i would like to say almost cynical. So, what shall I wish you? Or yourself? For long I have contemplated this and here it comes:

I wish us all, that we accept and acknowledge that LOVE has come already. The eternal Light will expand and I mean unstoppably. I wish ourselves that we connect with our inner being and are able to see - the heavenly kingdom of all beings, in us. This is the free ticket and the portal. Yes until we are ready, we have our experiences, processes and clearings... and constantly our being will be lifted into higher realms and atmospheres, slowly but constantly... unstoppably.

Petra Grünig 


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